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Geelong Advertising Agency

Get the most out of your media spend.

Advertising comes naturally at JWAM. Originally founded with advertising as our main service, the specialty list has grown but we are still passionate about making creative advertisements that work.

Our services include:
  • Press adverting (newspaper, magazines etc)
  • Radio advertising
  • TV advertising
  • Internet advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Full creative and production
  • Media booking

The Process

The initial client meeting will look to establish the goals and achievement criteria for the campaign. Target markets will be discussed along with possible media options and approximate budget.

JWAM will then research the best media alternatives to reach your target market effectively and on budget. A rough media schedule with be drafted for the client to preview and advertisement creative will be discussed.

JWAM will then apply their creative skills to produce an advertisement(s) which is then presented to the client for feedback, any necessarily changes will be made.